What about us ?

The story begins in 2015 when three friends, perfume lovers, decide to embark on the crazy adventure of Onivo Cosmetics. Why ? To share with all a new vision of fragrances, new uses and new trends, the desire to change perfumes regularly... Our main intention is to make the pleasure of perfume accessible to all, while providing high-quality products, chic and manufactured in France.

Our promises : delicious flavours, persistent wakes, qualitative and modern bottles, perfumes Made in France, and above all, the pleasure to wear perfume without any limit !!!

Onivo Cosmetics distributes cosmetic brands in France and Europe. If you are a cosmetic brand wishing to enter the French market with qualitative and innovative products, do not hesitate to contact us !

ONIVO COSMETICS offers perfumes and Intense colognes MADE IN FRANCE, of high quality, modern, stylish and accessible to all. Rediscover the pleasure to wear perfumes without any limit!